I sterted as a graphic designer, Now I mainly make three-dimensional models of people and other living things. I also paint  watercolors.The 3-dimensional models are mainly

made of stone powder clay and wire,and finished with acrylic and oil paints.

Depending on the work,I use various materials such as cloth and leather.

The goal is to go beyond the doll's frame and transmit the background and temperature.

I like my dolls to have waemth and tenderness, love and sadness, and mainly strength.

I am happy if the people who see my work and moved.

Watercolor paints can not be repainted, and the blurring at that time is attactive. It's totally different depending on the degree of watr inclusion and the brush stroke. I like such watercolore.

I would like to create art where the 3-dimensional works and the watercolors are related.


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      by Satoko Shinke.

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